Yolanda and Hermes

Connection #15

Yolanda and Hermes

15. Yolanda and Hermes

Guatemala, Soloma, Yolanda (30) & Hermes (29) (religion: espiritualista)
Gift received: September 07, 2006

Hermes and Yoli are originally from the South of Guatemala. Hermes came to Huehuetenango region when he was 3 years old, together with his grandmother, whos religion was Espiritualista. Yolanda came to Soloma after marrying Hermes. They meanwhile have four happy, quirrly children, and are waiting for the fifth. Hermes is garage mechanic, repairing cars in and around Soloma. His hobby is to buy old, disfunctional cars, then repair and resell them for a higher price. He is a hard working and very smart person. Yolanda is staying at home, taking care about her kids and the houshold.

Gift: Wooden cross with Jesus
Wooden cross with Jesus

Wooden cross with Jesus

Gift given: September 10, 2006

This cross is a symbol of Hermes families' belief that all of us humans want peace. Peace has to be practiced. For having peace we shall love and respect each other. Not the word will bring us peace, but the action we take when practising a good-well with all humans.

How we met Yolanda and Hermes

Yolanda and Hermes were surprised about our idea. They see in us "mensajeros" (messengers). When receiving the gift with the message given by Timoteo, Hermes started to talk about love and peace. The most important in life he meant is love. If we have disputes with our neighbours, we do not know what love means; we only use the word without practicing it. What we humans need to do is to practice love, peace, and all things that we often only use to say.