Guadalupe and Jorge

Connection #8

Guadalupe and Jorge

8. Guadalupe and Jorge

Mexico, La Libertad village, both about 22 years old (religion: catholic)
Gift received: February 10, 2006

Guadalupe and Jorge are married already two years long and live for about 6 months in the village of La Libertad. While Jorge started his studies of Computer Science, but has to earn his living with construction work, he is more at work than at the university. Guadalupe is working beside her preparation school. She wants to study Computer Science in the future. Jorge was born in La Libertad and Guadalupe comes from a ranch in the nearby Palenque region.

Gift: Catholic oration, shell and stone
Catholic oration, shell and stone

Catholic oration, shell and stone

Gift given: February 09, 2006

The card contains on the back side a prayer for San Miguel Arcįngel. Jorge gave this card with the words: "For that God enlightens your life, gives you a feeling of happiness and that you feel joy in your heart when you receive this small gift from a friend." Guadalupe gave us additionaly a shell and a stone with following words: "Assuming everything, there are certain things that we discover as good. They are given to us by God, by the life and the world. For that reason we should value all what is existing in the world including the people, animals, plants, metals, stones - all what the world is giving us as well as other things. Whenever you have the opportunity, help and take care about everything you have and what you are surrounded by without expecting anything in return. You have what your heart tells you. For that, I am giving the shell and the stone for letting you understand that those are very different but beautiful things. They are given to you from the same world as I am living in. Especially, I request you to take care about our environment because this is the base of our life." (translation from Spanish by Katja)

How we met Guadalupe and Jorge

When giving the present there was a short silence and then Guadalupe said: "Yes, we usually participate to less in what happens to other people. Though, there were two times when we helped other people. One case was when we heard that a friend wants to commit a suicide. Thus we spoke intensively to him and succeeded to convince that he should not do that, nor ever think about such actions." Shortly after Guadalupe added: "There are moments when I wish I could open a big centre for all people that are suffering illness or poverty. Unfortunately, every time I am getting such idea I have to realize that I am not able to do it because I am lack of money for such a project. The worst is to realize that I might never have the money to open such centre."