Video log: Means of transport

January 30, 2015  
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While Vikas was enjoying to explore the local train station here in Kedainiai, Lithuania, and watch with fascination at the cargo trains stationed and passing, I decided to talk about Means of Transport during our 6 year hitchhiking journey.

To be honest, snipping out of the blue into a topic that is laying years behind made me stumble upon the fact that I couldn’t remember everything in the moment of making the video. It was spontaneous, as an addition to the visit to the train station on the way home. The result is, I remembered so many more means of transportation after watching the video at home. There were Taxis, Ambulances, Tractors, Boats, Ferries, and so much more! I even remembered that, despite saying we didn’t take trains, we did take them, yet rarely, and this was in India. Well, that’s life! Nobody ain’t perfect and this is perfect in itself. I believe that my words about this topic are enriching enough for your lives, or as an inspiration to try and see yourself what hitchhiking can bring you.

Enjoy and be sure that I would savour your reactions and comments to the video anytime!

Means of Transport


  1. Fabi says:

    Katja, thank you for sharing. I smiled while watching. It reminds me of my travel transport storys. I never did hitchhiking but took local transportation regulary. It´s the best way to get in contact with lovley locals. There are so many great storys were locals start to help if you do not know where to buy tickets, where to hop off or they tell you with hand and feets something about there lifes. And LOVE to the busdriver who gave you the warm place to sleep <3

  2. Gabrielle says:

    Wonderful to see you talking here and reliving your adventures!