Katja & Augustas
Desde la mitad del año 2010 mantenemos este blog solo en ingles. Asi, pasan por favor por la pagina Follow The Road en ingles para leer noticias sobre nuestra vida. Alla tambien pueden suscribir para las noticias en ingles.
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  • Quien & Como

  • Desde Enero de 2006 nosotros, Katja y Augustas, estamos viajando para conocer el mundo...
    • viajamos en aventon
    • dormimos en una tienda del campo
    • preferemos pequeńos pueblos a grandes ciudades
    • disfrutamos encontrar habitantes
    • conectamos gente en todo el mundo
    • trabajamos en el camino
    • nos ...
  • El Libro “Follow The Road” (en Inglés)

    Follow The Road - The Book ¿Te gustaría leer nuestras aventuras mientras te relajas en el sofá? Haga clic aquí para encontrar los detalles acerca de nuestro libro en Inglés.
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Sophie and Matt Calic 66. Sophie and Matt Calic

Sophie studied Antropology, and is now working with an organisation that is concerned about Food Safety for people of lower social classes. The goal of the company is to assure good quality fresh food for these people. She loves her work, and with it the knowledge she has gained about food and healthy living. Sophie is passionate about preparing food from scratch, and is deeply concerned with keeping...

Zivile and Linas 65. Zivile and Linas

Zivile is from Telshiai in Lithuania. After finishing her school she spend one year with the HUMANA organisation in Botswana, where she was responsible for collecting stories for articles. She studied Marketing, and worked in an advertising company in Lithuania before she obtained a 2 year work agreement with a marketing agency in New Zealand. Now in Melbourne Zivile is responsible for the Reward program...

Lisa Shaw 64. Lisa Shaw

Lisa is a quirly, vibrant personality with a good portion of humor. Her lust of life is big, and her interest in living life as such and in exploring other cultures and their histories is immense. Spiritually open, she has experienced living in an Aboriginal community of South Australia. Lisa calls it a mind opener, and during her time teaching in that community she was facing the challenge to communicate...

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