Lisa Shaw

Connection #64

Lisa Shaw

64. Lisa Shaw

Australia, Adelaide, 50 years old, religion: n/a
Gift received: February 05, 2011

Lisa is a quirly, vibrant personality with a good portion of humor. Her lust of life is big, and her interest in living life as such and in exploring other cultures and their histories is immense. Spiritually open, she has experienced living in an Aboriginal community of South Australia. Lisa calls it a mind opener, and during her time teaching in that community she was facing the challenge to communicate in sign language. She took up studies, and once she had finished her commitment to the Aboriginal community moved on to a bi-lingual school in Adelaide. This school is teaching children with and without hearing ability. Her love for this job, her love for the children, and her aim to give all of them a good base for their further life drive her to put all her energy into it.

Lisa has one son, whom she raised alone. For financial reasons she has always lived in communities, sharing her life with others, which fit perfectly to her open-mindednes. Her love for art, her wit and charm, and her ability to just be in the moment make her a precious friend for life.

Gift: Bracelet made of Gum tree pods and dried beans* by Aboriginal
Bracelet made of Gum tree pods and dried beans* by Aboriginal

Bracelet made of Gum tree pods and dried beans* by Aboriginal

Gift given: February 12, 2011

Each and every moment I strive to live by Henry Millers profound and beautiful quote, and that is...

"The aim of life is to live;
and to live means to be aware;
joyously, drunkenly, serenely;
divinely aware."

[*These beans were formerly used by Aboriginals to satisfy one's hunger and for preventing pregnancy.]

How we met Lisa Shaw

Through a whirlwind of connections we ended up staying at a farm near Leasingham, South Australia, when one evening the parents of some of the inhabitants came for a visit. One of them was Lisa, which invited us generously to her house once she had heard about our plans to visit Adelaide.


  1. John magee says:

    I knew lisa shaw well. we once shared a house in blackwood, near adelaide. She was a good friend. If you have an way of contacting her, it would be wonderful to talk to her again. If you mention my name – she’ll know.

    Kind regards

    • Hello John, Lisa would like to get in contact with you. Please, send us your correct email address (the one you provided in the comment is not working). Thank you 🙂