Eugenia and Vladas

Connection #35

Eugenia and Vladas

35. Eugenia and Vladas

Venezuela, Colonia Tovar village, 70 and 82 years old, religion: catholic
Gift received: June 23, 2007

Vladas came to Venezuela in 1948. He was born in Lithuania, but due to the circumstances of war, his family and himself had to flee from their home country. He counts 8 brothers and sisters, from which only 3, including himself, are left. Vladas was working as an automobile mechanic and retired in the age of 72, exactly 10 years ago. He was married to a first wife, who died several decades ago. 30 years ago he met Eugenia, whom he married.

Eugenia was born in Argentinia. She is the child of Lithuanians, who imigrated to Argentina. Eugenia grew up with one brother, and enjoyed a life of freedom and travels until the age of 40. Then she met Vladas, and both of them are living happily together since. Eugenia is an English language teacher and a psychologist, and worked in different international companies as personell consultant.

Gift: Fan


Gift given: June 25, 2007

Open your arms to whoever passes your way. If somebody knocks on your door, do not hesitate to let this someone in and receive him with an open heart. Make no difference in whom you are helping, as - once we are naked - we are all the same.

How we met Eugenia and Vladas

Rimas, a Lithuanian born in Venezuela, invited us for a meeting of Lithuanians in a German village in Venezuela, called La Colonia Tovar. Vladas is Rimas' uncle and lives for 15 years in this village. He is married to Eugenia, and both of them received us as if we had always been part of their own family.