Helen and Warren

Connection #12

Helen and Warren

12. Helen and Warren

Belize, Corozal, both ~50 years old (religion: bentan)
Gift received: July 03, 2006

Helen and Warren came together with their three daughters to Belize 11 years ago. Helen has a Chinese-Taiwanese origin, Warren is Taiwanese. The whole family is very religious. Prayers and their belief in Jesus helped them in many difficult situations in life. Here are two examples. When Helen was a child, doctors discovered that she had black shadows in the lungs. It was caused by the strong pollution in Taiwan. The doctors diagnosed she will die in a short time. Helen could not accept the diagnose. She went to her family and friends, asking all together to pray for her life. She survived and the black shadows vanished without medical treatment. Another time Jesus helped Helen when she already had her three daughters. The black shadows in her lungs appeared again, and like in her childhood she was told that she will die in about two weeks. Helen started to fast, drinking only water and tea for 4 weeks. During fast she was praying all day long. One time she got up, walking lightly and being happy, but she had the feeling that something is missing. She turned around and saw her own body still laying on the bed with her hands folded for prayers. Helen understood that she is on the way to heaven, but did not want to accept it. She went back to her body, crying, praying, asking Jesus why once in her childhood he helped her to survive, and now he does not. While Helen was unconscious, she got a message from Jesus to move with her family from Taiwan to Belize. She woke up again, being stronger than ever. She did not know where Belize is, looked up the map, and shortly later the whole family moved to Central America.

Now they are running a traditional Chinese medicine center in Corozal, a small town in the North of Belize. They give special massages, and help their patients to change the diet to improve health. They believe that food is our medicine, and massages can help in most cases prevent surgeries suggested by doctors from the modern medicine.

Gift: Safety bath mat
Safety bath mat

Safety bath mat

Gift given: July 12, 2006

Very often people come to Helen and Warren's massage center with shoulder and back injuries, which sometimes are caused by accidents in bathrooms. This safety mat symbolizes the prevention of accidents, which is more important than the treatment of the injures caused by them.

How we met Helen and Warren

When receiving the salt and pepper shakers, as well as the candle, Helen and Warren were still seriously listening to our explanations. Suddenly, Helen's face lightened up and she went to another room. She came back laughing and waving a flag in her hand. She explained that this is the Taiwanese flag. Helen said, whenever they will have another gift to continue with our connecting idea, she will additionally give this flag. Warren smiled, and assured us, too, that connecting the world will be continued. At the end Helen was asking, if they could burn the candle. This question sounded funny to us and we just said "Yes" with a smile.