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Sophie and Matt Calic

Connection #66

Sophie and Matt Calic

66. Sophie and Matt Calic

Australia, Risdon Dale, Hobart, 28 and 30 years old, religion: Christian
Gift received: March 11, 2011

Sophie studied Antropology, and is now working with an organisation that is concerned about Food Safety for people of lower social classes. The goal of the company is to assure good quality fresh food for these people. She loves her work, and with it the knowledge she has gained about food and healthy living. Sophie is passionate about preparing food from scratch, and is deeply concerned with keeping their food organic and self-grown. One dream of hers is to study again, possibly abroad, and for it to take her family along.

Matt is a carpenter by heart. He loves wood work, and worked independently for other companies over many years. In order to set up his own business he uptook another study, which qualifies him for managing other workers as well. Once accomplished, he dreams of both continuing to work with his own hands, and sharing the work load with people working for him.

Sophie and Matt as well as their daughters Miriam (1.5 y) and Romily (3.5 y) love the outdoors. They are especially keen on living from their own produce, which makes them work passionately in creating their own garden. Natural child rearing along with organic, self-grown food are one of the main concerns in their life.

They intentionally choose to live in a suburb of the lower social class, because they believe and now experience that life there is still more community like than in middle class suburbs, where everyone minds his own business. Here neighbours know and care for each other, and the vibrant community center supports strongly this so necessary human interaction. They feel blessed about their choice.

Gift: Poppy Seeds*

Gift given: March 13, 2011

We simplify our lives.
We live gladly with less.
We let go the illusion that we can posess.
We create instead.
We let go the illusion of mobility.
We travel in stillness.
We travel at home.
By candle light and in stillness,
In the pressence of flowers,
We make our pilgrimage.
We simplify our lives.

[*These seeds were a gift to us. We planted them and harvested this next Generation! Enjoy their fragile beauty!]

How we met Sophie and Matt Calic

We contacted Sophie and Matt through www.CouchSurfing.org because the description of themselves in their profile matches so accurrately our own.