Nohora Alejandra

Connection #37

Nohora Alejandra

37. Nohora Alejandra

Colombia, Cartagena, 19 years old, religion: none
Gift received: July 09, 2007

Nohora studies literature. When she was 16 years old, she won a literature competition for young people in Colombia. She is philosophical, and for many things in life she has a quote, which she learned out of many books she read. Being the oldest of three children, she is very responsible for family matters and caretaking of friends. Nohora seems much older than she is, which is not meant by how she is looking, but how she talks and behaves. She has a clear view to reality, and is eager to make the best of what her situation offers. Her studies she is able to finance because of her outreagous marks in university. When there are any questions about history or politics, Nohora is the one to answer them patiently. It is lovely to walk around town with her, as well as to lead endless discussions about life and different cultures.

Gift: Metal star candle holder and a single seed
Metal star candle holder and a single seed

Metal star candle holder and a single seed

Gift given: July 10, 2007

Besides happiness and smile, me and my families' gift is a star, because we all are stars and one with the universe. We are here to shine on earth and firmament. This star should remind you about the little indigeneous world of Cartagena, of Cartagena and its with stars populated sea. A star, which illuminates us, a star, which reminds us the wisdom that we are going to harvest and sow with every of our acts, a star, which says us that everything is shining, everything can shine - even our passengers: darkness, crying, and pain. We are surrounded by men and women, which are stars, too, men and women, which accompany our path, and illuminate our way. This single seed reminds us that we should grow, we should rush with impetus to the sky, rise our hands high, very high, and look at the sun...

How we met Nohora Alejandra

We met Nohora through and stayed with her and her family in Cartagena, Colombia, for 4 days. We also made a two-day trip to the island of Baru, and spent a relaxing time together with other friends on Playa Blanca.