Clemente and family

Connection #7

Clemente and family

7. Clemente and family

Mexico, Zapata village, 43 years old (religion: catholic)
Gift received: February 07, 2006

Clemente is leading the Catholic Church Service in a village called Zapata. He lives with his wife Maria Dolores, two sons (Pascual and Luis), one daughter (Anadelia) and wife\'s mother Marina. All children are already going to school. He has few corn and pepper fields up the mountain behind his house. When necessary, Clemente is working in the mountains and participating in the meetings of people taking the responsibility for a better life in the villages around Palenque.

Gift: Book "When visiting a sick person"
Book "When visiting a sick person"

Book "When visiting a sick person"

Gift given: February 08, 2006

This gift should remind to help whenever somebody is getting ill. In every house, family or within friends illness can happen upon a person and the ones surrounding should take care about him. This has not only the reason for healing physical sickness. Often it happens that people are physical ill but the cause is rather mental. It can be because a person feels lonely, thus helping with being present can already cure the ill person. Whenever we hear that somebody does not feel well or is suffering a sickness - no matter how serious it might occur - we should be there and help with showing that we participate in his illness and want to share the difficult moment with him.

How we met Clemente and family

When giving the gift, Clemente and his family still needed some more explanations about our "Connect the World" idea. I gave them and soon Clemente understood it saying, "I will give you something tomorrow to continue with your chain of connected people." His wife Maria Dolores was a bit sceptical about our intentions, while her two sons, her daughter and Maria's mother Marina were already about to read in the book which was given as a gift.