Juan Carlos and Maria Jose

Connection #18

Juan Carlos and Maria Jose

18. Juan Carlos and Maria Jose

Guatemala, Guatemala City, Juan Carlos (27) and Maria Jose (28) (religion: catholic)
Gift received: September 21, 2006

Juan Carlos is a trader, and has his own business in the Import and Export of goods. He is doing that for 9 years now, sharing the business with his brother. Maria Jose is studying social science. Their children are 3 and 5 years old.

Gift: 1kg of Guatemalan coffee "Isabel"
1kg of Guatemalan coffee "Isabel"

1kg of Guatemalan coffee "Isabel"

Gift given: September 23, 2006

From the letter written by Juan Carlos and Maria:
We hope that in the moment when you receive this letter you are enjoying a good health.

Probably, in between all of those that you know, friends and families, exist someone from whom you distanced yourself for a certain or uncertain reason. The cause of this problem might be confusing, enlarged or forgotten, but though your relation to that person is not how it used to be.

For that reason we want to invite you today to get closer to this person, without thinking much, without planning a conversation, and with a happy, optimistic, modest, and friendly spirit.

See and search this person and bring him this package of coffee, and offer him to prepare a bit and drink together a good cup of coffee.

Remember the good times you had together and talk about the common experiences, projects and things which occured in that time.

If this person lives very far, try to find out his telephone number and call him.

You will be surprised about the happiness the approach, forgiveness, and friendship, which was waiting for your action, is bringing to you.

A hug!

How we met Juan Carlos and Maria Jose

Juan Carlos is like us - a member of CouchSurfing.com. In the begining of 2006 we sent email to the Central American group of CouchSurfing and Juan Carlos invited us to stay at his place whenevere we will be in Guatemala City. Finally, when we entered Guatemala in August 2006, we stayed with him and his wife and two children for a couple of days.