Isabel and William

Connection #23

Isabel and William

23. Isabel and William

Mexico, Huitzilac, 53 and 51 years old, religion: catholic
Gift received: November 13, 2006

Isabel is a retired Mexican Airline worker, looking pretty young for her age. She is an excellent cook, loves to have a lot of people around, and especially cares for all the small and big problems of her nices and nephews. Besides, she is still active crew captain of the Mexican Airline runners, who run every year in a different country. Isabel is Mexican, and has not thought of ever being married to any man. When William crossed her way, her life was about to change.

William is a retired Electrician. He loves all kind of man's work, especially concerning their house. His biggest hobby is Amateur Radio, through which he meets people and makes friends in other places. William is American, and came to live in Mexico for a more liberal life than in the US. Besides, that way he could escape the hard winter in the North of the US.

Gift: Post Card with an amateur radio call sign (QSL Card)
Post Card with an amateur radio call sign (QSL Card)

Post Card with an amateur radio call sign (QSL Card)

Gift given: November 15, 2006

The QSL Card serves as a rememberance of a radio contact and the conversation led. Serving as a gift in this case, the post card is meant to establish a contact with the person receiving it.

How we met Isabel and William

Not yet having arrived back in Huitzilac (Morelo, Mexico) when asking for staying with them, Servas members Isabel and William invited us to their house from the first day of their return. They just came back from staying 6 months in the United States, but when we arrived, they had arranged already a dinner for us. We were welcomed warmly, feeling right away like being part of their family.