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August 19, 2013  
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Dear Friends – near and far, known and unknown,

we love having you follow our site. We appreciate knowing that out there in the world more than 1.700 people are happy about what we have done, about our journey, about our choice to live our dreams. Although we are quiet for a long time, we still dream big and continue to follow our hearts. Right now we are the happy parents of our nearly one year old son. He is the sunshine in our lives, the bright, joyful little bee that keeps us busy and full of laughter. The love he opened our hearts to is indescribable, bigger than and incomparable with anything else in life.

Augustas, Vikas, Katja

Augustas, Vikas, Katja

With our hearts full of love there is still room for our adventuresome souls. Just recently we got hit by a beautiful idea, which is very significant for our further lives. This newborn dream is the reason we are writing to you today in order to reach out for your arms in search of support.

Back in time during our 6 year journey through the world we have always wanted to keep away from asking for financial support for living our dreams. It has never made us feel comfortable. Today, exactly 10 years after we chose each other, things are different. We know that the time has come when we have to speak up and release our shy attitude in order to move closer to our new dream.

But simply taking without giving is far from our intentions.

We would love to use the chance to offer Katja’s book “Follow the Road – Alongside the People of this World” for the great price of €5 Euros per copy (plus shipping).

Cover of the Book
More about this book read here


Alongside the People of this World

€5 Euro Book + Shipping:

If you prefer other payment methods, please leave us a message.

This marvellous collection of our experiences on the road during the first 1.5 years of our journey through Central America and Cuba is dreaming to be part of your life, too.

Giving and receiving – these are two of life’s biggest joys here on Earth. We are willing to give, and we hope from the bottom of our heart that our experiences will fill many more hearts all over the world. We wish to continue being an inspiration to many more people out there. And we hope that even if You already have a copy, maybe you wish to surprise a friend or two who still hesitate to live their dreams.

Thus, if you love the inspiration we have been to you so far, we will be delighted to receive your book order. If you would love to contribute to our dream this or any other way, feel absolutely free to follow your joy of giving. We assure you that any financial contribution, no matter if connected to a book order or simply out of free will, is appreciated above all things.

Cover of the Book


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You are certainly still wondering what this dream is about. Stay curious and connected, as we will lift the secret once time has come.


  1. Lisa Shaw says:

    I enjoyed the first stage of your courageous journey. I now wait patiently for the 2nd book, including your journey around Australia!!!
    Love & Blessings