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June 4, 2009  
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MesIt was not much we said during the last half year since coming to Europe. We hope you understand that our life sometimes requires us to spend time on more important things than updating our website.

What are the news right now?

New look of the website

Our website has got a new layout! Augustas was working hard while in Denmark on re-modelling the old design and system. Since blogging is nowadays the easiest way of sharing experiences, he adapted our site to the WordPress system. Everyone is welcome to browse through and enjoy the new face of Follow The Road.

Change of FollowTheRoad.com

Change of FollowTheRoad.com

By the way, you can follow our journey now also on our Facebook Page and Twitter with tiny frequent updates on our locations and doings.

Katja’s book

Cover of the book

Cover of the book

During the last months Katja translated her German book into English, and now we are holding the freshly printed English version titled “Follow The Road – Alongside the People of this World” in our hands. The book mirrors our experiences in Middle America, and includes adventures such as staying with people from the past in Mexico, the ant’s attack in Guatemala, our sailing adventure to Cuba, and the assault on us in Costa Rica. The book tells far more about our experiences in Middle America, so make sure you get one!

Soon arriving to Lithuania

For the last few days we are visiting our Latvian friends in Bergen, Norway. Initialy we thought of going around the Baltic Sea, passing through Scandinavian countries and arriving to Lithuania. But tonight’s feelings and thoughts are telling us that head for Lithuania right now. Now might be we will be arriving there within a week or so, and staying for 4-5 weeks. The only task  left – to find a place to stay over there.

What else did we do in Europe?

We spent four months in Aalborg, Denmark. Augustas got a job at Aalborg University, the place where he did his master and worked several times before. We lived in the city center with a beautiful view over Aalborgs’ roofs. What a luck that 1000fryd, a Folkekøkken (folks’ kitchen) was just across our backyard, so for the first couple of weeks we enjoyed each Tuesday a huge delicious vegan meal for only 20 DKK (2.70 Euros).

We also embarked upon the adventure of Dumpster Diving, which means saving food out of supermarket trash bins. In turn we enjoyed a huge supply of fruits and vegetables free of charge. Thus the “trash” found his way into our stomachs, and wishing the same for our friends, we introduced some to this activity. Previously dieting on plain bread and butter, they now live a healthy life in overall expensive Denmark.

Since the begining of our stay we started playing different games with friends on the weekends. It was really a fun time (specialy during Katja’s birthday in February), and we can say that UNO cards, shooting mafia in the village, and Peter-Peter-Pan-Pan are the best games so far. Other social activities like the discussion club, handicrafts, and cooking made up for the rest of our free time.

Another accomplishment was our 4th fasting, which we did under challenging circumstances. From the first day of fasting we were opposed to an intense social life and the cooking of our hosts, who prepared the greatest delicacies in front of our eyes – and noses. We resisted surprisingly easy and managed to go for a full 20 days fasting.

So much to our last months 😉

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  1. James says:

    Love the new site design Augustas. Looks really good. Congrats.