Banana with chocolate

During our trip in Latin America once in a while we stumbled on the delicious desert – a chocolate covered frozen bananas.

Yesterday we tried to prepare this tasty desert ourselves.

Šokoladiniai bananai

Bananas covered with chocolate

Looks like we have managed. We had to experiment a little bit, but the main idea was like this:

  1. Melt chocolate bar on the stove (we boiled water in a small pot, placed pieces of chocolate into a bowl, and put it on the boiling pot).
  2. Insert wooden sticks inside of (full or half) bananas (we used Chinese sticks).
  3. Hold banana above the bowl and with the help of the spoon, pour chocolate on the fruit.
  4. You will need to think of a construction where to place choco bananas – as at the begining the chocolate will still be soft. Once you are ready -leave your experiment in the freezer (maybe also the fridge might me sufficient).
  5. After sometime – enjoy your choco banana desert! (Do not keep bananas too long in the freezer – otherwise they will become hard as a stone).

If fresh banana does not hold on the wooden stick, try this:

  1. Bananas with the sticks put into the freezer for couple of hours.
  2. Once they are frozen – pour hot chocolate over them.
  3. Keep your creation in the room or in the fridge until the bananas are sufficiently soft to be edible.

Bon Appétit!