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January 27, 2015  
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Our hitchhiking journey finished at the end of 2011, when we settled for a longer while in Germany. We lived 2 years near the beautiful Saxonian Switzerland, grew in number to three in our family, and set off for a winter in Spain in 2013. Now we are back on the Northern side, spending a year in the beautiful town of Kedainiai, in the Kaunas district of Lithuania.

Hitchhiking, yes, finished three years ago. Our journey though is ongoing. It never stopped, not even a single second. Even though we stopped sharing it with you. It simply transformed to another way of living and experiencing this magical world here on planet Earth.

Finally, I dare to pursue a dream I am having for years: to share my experiences from our journey through the world and our life in general. My goal is to hold presentations. As this is a huge step for me, I decided to share what I want to say for so long first in a video log. May it lead me to realize my dream, and bring you JOY for being on board of this extraordinary journey 😉

Follow The Road Video Log