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August 20, 2007  
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Hi guys,

Those who are in Lithuania, you could buy the magazine “Kelioniu Magija” (the magic of travels) where you will find our second article with our adventures.

About a month ago in Colombia we started to prepare PowerPoint presentation about our trip. It is ready now and you are welcome to download it from:
(13 MB)

Just start the show and the slides will be changing automatically. Please share it with friends, show it in the gatherings and parties, help us to invite more people to follow our adventures and to see the real world through our eyes.

Few weeks ago we have submitted our coconut video in video competition of Lithuanian news portal Help us to collect few more votes, by clicking “Balsuoti” button next to the coconut video (you will find the name “Augustas Kligys”).
The address for voting is:

Thank you for everything. We will be back with short stories soon!

Greetings from Cuenca, Ecuador
Augustas and Katja