Getting cold in the mountains

September 11, 2006  
Topics: Guatemala

It is our third week in Guatemala, but we are still unofficial travellers in this country as we have no stamps in the passports. Two weeks ago we entered Guatemala through unofficial border crossing point. We are supposed to register with authorities in Guatemala City, which we plan to visit in a couple of weeks.

The last one and a half weeks we have been touring through the villages in the mountains of Quiche and Huehuetenango departments. Here we got to use our warm clothes more often. Since last Friday we are staying with one young family in Soloma town. We were planing to leave this place on Monday, but during the night Katja got sick. We suspect an infection of intestine by one of the dishes we have eating the last few days.

For the time being we invite you to read stories about our 2 weeks journey through Belize in the second half of August, and unofficial border crossing between Belize and Guatemala:

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By the way, coming Friday (15 of September) whole Guatemala will celebrate an Independence Day (which they got from Spain in 1821).