Cover of the Book FOLLOW THE ROAD
Alongside the People of this World

by Katja Lachmann
116 pages, 80 b/w pictures

In January 2006 we left our homes in order to begin a life on the roads of this world. Equipped with the most necessary and four joyous traveler thumbs we started our life journey in Mexico – as always by means of hitch-hiking. In this way we saw Central America, sailed at no charge from Mexico to Cuba and further to Panama, discovered a number of South American countries, and even managed to escape the Peruvian jungle by hitch-hiking an airplane.

The first book full of our adventures in Middle America is finally available. If you are interested in purchasing a copy, order us through our contact page.

The price of the book: 7.50 Euros + shipping

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And this is what you can expect:

The book is also available in German.


This volume is the English translation of my book “Auf Dem Weg – Mit, durch und für die Menschen dieser Welt“. Like the German one, this is an excerpt of the 500 pages spanning opus, offering a glimpse into the first part of our journey when travelling through Mexico, Central America, and Cuba in the period of January 2006 to May 2007. Nevertheless, it mirrors all facets of our vagabond life in those regions.

It is this book’s aim to allow the reader to look at the daily life of the personalities whose cultures we became acquainted with during our trip through the above mentioned countries and regions. Through sharing those experiences I hope to revise some of the negative impressions about the inhabitants of these countries, which are often spread through the media. I would like to make my readers think about the innate intention of all humans on earth which is simply to be happy. We all breathe, love, eat, sleep, live…like one another. From my point of view, cultural differences account for the indispensable ingredient without which humanity would lose a tremendous value.

Furthermore, it is my wish to motivate my readers to follow their feelings. I am sure that following our feelings is what will lead us to the right path, and open us to the necessary encounters and experiences that will guide us on our way. Intuition is an estimable good which in today’s high-performance society is not paid the attention it deserves. In my opinion, if we all had always followed our own feelings, the better life, of which we are now dreaming, would already be a reality.


  1. Aiste says:

    Sveiki, norėčiau nusipirkt jūsų knygą, kaip man tai padaryti būnant Lietuvoje? 😉 ačiū iš anksto.

  2. Bruck says:

    I enjoyed the book. It gives a better perspective about your experience in South America.

    Some points for your next book 🙂

    – Captions on photos will help in identifying who is who 🙂
    – A simple map indicating your route would have been nice (a one page map or separate ones in major sections)
    – include some facts that you learned in the places you visited.

    Both of you – Way to go !!!!!!!!!
    P.S. What does your famous traveler stove look like and what do you power it with. [pls do not consider this a silly question :)]

  3. Adas says:

    Ar ishvysime knyga lietuviu kalba ? Tai butu nuostabu !

  4. Rasa Jukone says:

    Hi Katja, just finished your book! I had thought to have many days of long reading, but it was so exciting, humane and funny so it took just good few hours of jumping through Latin America. Thank you so much!! I wish we don’t have to wait long for your next book. Take care!

  5. This is so cool! Brendan and I want to write a book about our hitchhiking adventures as well. Did you self-publish? If so, how do you do that? We too have been waylaid by medical problems. Brendan has a ruptured appendix and we’re getting some mixed advice about whether or not he should have it taken out. If all goes according to plan, we’ll be flying to Germany on June 30th. Maybe while in Europe we could meet you two in person?