Short news on our website

July 23, 2008  
Topics: Website

Long time no news… We have noticed looong time ago that continiously writing full detailed stories about our trip in 3 languages (German, Lithuanian, English) and still to travel at the same time is almost impossible. Meanwhile a quick short notices from the road never found a place on our website. From today on we are introducing something new on our page – “Quick news from the road”. Now we will have a space to give at least a short notice about what’s going on with us.
Currently we are staying with CouchSurfing family few kilometers away from La Serena town in Chile. It is a really nice company with open minded parents, 3 daughters and future Chilean Navy office – Julio. Wednesday morning we will be traveling towards Elqui Valley (Valle de Elqui), which is located about 100 km from La Serena and is known as a magical place. We will see 🙂