Visit to Elqui Valley

July 27, 2008  
Topics: Chile

We spent two wonderful days in Elqui Valley (Valle de Elqui) in the small village of Horcon. Sergio and Lucy, whom we met in a handicraft village, invited us to camp in their garden. They live with their daughters (7 and 9) completely ecologicaly oriented in a house made of recycled material (old bottles, cartoon, wood). Sergio and Lucy grow their own vegetables and fruits 100% natural, live from the sale of herbs, honey, propoleum, soap etc. and are spiritually concerned.

IMG_2250 IMG_2248 all of us in the garden it is a house built eco-friendly, i.e. bottles instead of windows

Elqui Valley is fascinating, truly beautiful, but in the short time of our visit we either were not able to find the magic everybody is talking about or it simply does not exist. We felt very good here though and we hope to visit Horcon a second time. Since Friday we are back in La Serena, and today I finally managed to sell the first pieces of my handicraft – not on the streets, but in the living room of our hosts 😉