Tasty vegetarian lunch at “Vrinda” cultural center in Cuenca

December 13, 2007  
Topics: Ecuador


On Thursday, after finishing our second 3-weeks fasting, we decided to check out what dishes are offered at “Vrinda” cultural center in Cuenca (in the street Benigno Malo y Vega Muñoz). They live with kirshna-kind-of philosophy, and every day from Monday to Friday between noon and 3pm are serving home-made vegeterian lunch for $1.50

It was our first time at this place, and we can tell you, that it was one of the best places for vegeterian lunch so far in Cuenca.

This is what we got that afternoon:


rice, boiled potatoes, lots of salad (this photo does not include the second salad, which was cabbage with fried plantain and cheese), extreemly tasty vegetable soup, orange and carrot juice, and finaly a symbolic desert made of pineapple.

We will definetly visit Vrinda again before we leave Cuenca for good (in two weeks).

Besides this place, Cuenca has another 8-10 places of vegeterian food. More about Cuenca’s vegetarism please read here “Cuenca – a vegetarian paradise”.

By the way, the same day in Cuenca we have also met this girl in town, which was wearing traditional clothes from nearby village:

perfect shot of a traditional dress from a town in Azuay region