Ingapirca – disappointing Inca site in Ecuador

December 14, 2007  
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One week ago together with our 2 Colombian friends Marcos and Sol, we have decided to visit Ingapirca, which is said to be the most important Inca site in Ecuador, built in 15th century.

We had information that the entrance costs $6 dollars (and $2 for locals). Luckily the  ticket seller in Cuenca bus station whispered us a tip how to enter this museum free of charge. Of course it was a good news, and we were even more happy to know it, when through the window of the direct Cuenca-Ingapirca (2h, $2.5) bus we finally saw the ruins of famous Ingapirca. Together with our friends we could not hide the wonder – “SIX DOLLARS???!!!”


We immediately remembered Chichen Itza pyramids in Mexico, which had entrance fee of $9, but over there you could see much more and the park itself looked more interesting. On the other hand in Ingapirca, even locals have to pay relatively high price – 2 dollars.

Actually, Ingapirca you can succesfully watch without entering the museum territory. Above picture was taken being outside of the fence.



Once we got out of the bus, we followed the small village road, which goes on the right side of the fence, which starts at the official entrance to Ingapirca. After few hundred meters we reached the small open gate, which was described by the bus ticket seller in Cuenca. We went to the other side of the gate and took a look at the Ingapirca ruins from close. Unfortunately, there was nothing to look at… At least inside the teritory of the museum. By the way, seems there is also an indoor museum room, which probably describes the history of the site.


If one will be disappointed about the ruins, hopefully his mood will get better in the next 30 minutes while taking a short circular track along the rocks, mountain stream and agro fields. The path is clear and very well marked. One important thing over there what you should not miss, is the rock, which looks like a face of Inca indian.

To sumarize, we do not think it is worth visiting Ingapirca, unless it is on your route… And if you will finally make a visit to this place, do not forget about the secret gate on the backside.

To finish, for those who have never seen the smallest bird in the world – hummingbird, we are adding a picture of the one from Ingapirca.








IMG_6993 IMG_6995








  1. Paola says:

    Im ecuadorian, so I think that if you didnt like Ingapirca you must had your reasons, but now your comments can make people feel disappointing before visiting it. Ecuador is a wonderful place…. and Ingapirca is not the exception…. it depends on what you consider interesting…

    • Hi Paola, our intention is not to keep other travelers away from any historic sites revealing knowledge about the history of your lovely country. We only share our own impressions. Each and everyone experiences a place in a different way, thus no one should ever rely on what one person said but go out himself and see it with his own eyes to make up his mind. This article was simply meant to express what we felt upon coming to Ingapirca, nothing less, nothing more.

  2. Gijs Quarles says:

    Not true, Ingapirca is a very inspiring mystical site. No wonder that the Inca’s choose this place. The countryside surrounding the temple is astonnishing and from the temple you have an almost 270° view of it. That’s why the temple is there. Guides are very helpfull and it’s included in the price. If you prefer disneyland (more expensive), well, you were in the wrong place!

  3. marcos y sol says:

    hola muchachos como estan,como esta quito.
    les contamos que los extranamos ,que chevere aver compartido con personas sencillas y tranquilas como ustedes, esperando la esten pasando bien . nos despedimos

    NOTA: no acreditan ahun en voip raider.
    un abrazo

    sol y marcos