We are starting life on a BOAT!!!

December 16, 2006  
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We found a boat which will fullfill our dream to sail through the Caribbean islands.

Ok, story in short.
On Friday we travelled about 350 km to the east coast of Yucatan peninsula with the dream to find a boat.



At night we stayed in Puerto Morelos beach. This village is right in the middle between Cancun and rapidly growing holiday resort Playa del Carmen. By the local fishermen we were adviced to search yachts either in Cancun and Isla Mujeres island, or in Cozumel island, which is reachable from Playa del Carmen by a ferry for 10-12USD. We decided to travel to Cancun, as the ticket for Isla Mujeres is only 3.5USD.



First we tried “Hacienda del Mar” marina in the north of Cancun, in Puerto Juarez village. This marina had lots of rich yachts and boats, but most of them were from US coming down to Mexico for the Christmas and New Year holidays. Anyway, we left a short message on the entrance door of the mentioned marina and took a ferry to Isla Mujeres where we were told there are more private boats.

Very near where the ferry dropped us off, we noticed an orange trimaran (yacht with 3 hulls). We asked around and got to know that there are 3 people from Europe travelling in it. Nobody from the boat was around, so we agreed to come down in the late afternoon.

And we did! And they were British! We quickly explained that we are looking for a ride in exchange of work, and guess what? We were welcomed on board!


Ian, Stuart, Cynthia and us

Ian, Stuart, Cynthia and us

The owner of the boat ARANSAS – Stuart (on the right in the second picture) – told that they were sailing six days from the port in USA arriving to Mexico on Thursday. His friends Ian and Cynthia (for more than 2 years she is traveling around the world by motorbike. her webpage: http://cynthia.boxerman.co.uk/ ) are flying back to UK and Texas, US respectively, before the holidays. After Christmas come Stuart’s 3 children and we will be sailing all together along the Mexican coast. In the first weekend of January the children go back to UK and we, together with Stuart start sailing in the Caribbean Sea. Preliminary, during the 3 weeks trip we will visit Cuba, Jamaica, maybe Haiti, Dominican Republic and end up in British Virgin Islands. We are not sure what will be happening afterwards, but we do not really mind 🙂


By the way, the trimaran was biult 10 years ago, it has new electronic and navigation systems, good quality audio system, flat-screen TV, satellite phone and of course, kitchen. It is 37 feet long (about 12 m) and 26 ft wide. Check the pictures in this letter for more impressions from the boat.

Greetings from hot Mexico!
Katja & Augustas

Celebrating our first succesful boat hitch-hiking  IMG_0409  IMG_0418  IMG_0375  IMG_0384  IMG_0385