Sad reality of the capital of Costa Rica

May 8, 2007  
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We are back in Costa Rica, but not for a long time. We are on the way to Panama, where the sailing season is ending. We have to hurry up and search for a boat, which would give us a lift to South American continent.

This time more views than news. Here are some pictures taken in San Jose – the capital of Costa Rica, which, to be said, “is the most developed country in Central America”.





IMG_3602 IMG_3582





To tell the truth, we haven’t seen much more of San Jose than this…

All other our pictures from Costa Rica you can enjoy here:


  1. luis says:

    Here everything is expensive, ugly and contaminated…


  2. luis says:

    I’m Costa Rican so I can say that this country is a shit!!!!

    I want to live in Argentina!!