Juice in Cartagena and Venezuela pictures

July 13, 2007  
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We are in Giron, town near Bucaramanga in Colombia. We still have 400 km to reach Bogota. We intend to visit the capital next week (july 16-21). Few days ago, on the 1000km way from Cartagena we finally got a lift by Colombian truck!

our biggest truck so far in Colombia

At night the driver was a little bit tired, so for few hours him and Katja were resting in the hammocks under the truck:

sleeping below the truck in a hammock - pur joy!

By the way, in Cartagena we enjoyed fresh fruit juices. There lots of small shops where you can buy juice of more than 20 flavoirs.

a friend's words:

When the juice were finished, Katja was very very sad…

...and I became...


...terribly sad...


...when the juice...


... finished ;(((


Pictures from VENEZUELA!

Finally we prapared pictures from our 1 month stay in Venezuela in June. You are welcome to browse all the images here: