To Venesuela via Europe

June 5, 2007  
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Hello friends!

After 3 weeks holidays in Europe, we are back on our track, and now ze are in Venezuela!

Our mission to Europe was planned since March. The main goal was to make a big surprise for Augustas’ mother during her 50 years birthday party celebration. Families of both of us almost got heart attacks, and our visit in Europe was succesfull, happy, but very quick. More about our short visit in Europe you can read here:
“3 weeks in Europe – surprise for others”

By the way, we also published pictures from Nicaragua, Honduras and El Salvador. You are welcome to browse them here:


For the last week we have been staying in Caracas – the capital of Venezuela. Warning to everybody – if you are travelling to this country – you should know that here exists black market for changing dollars and euros. We did not know that and at the airport changed 50 euros with official rate: 2700 Venezuelan bolivares for 1 euro. But in reality, black market today offers 4300-5000 for 1 euro! almost double! The same with the dollar. Official rate is 2100, but you can get 3600-4000 bolivares instead. Changing money with official rate makes your life very expensive here in Venezuela.

Meanwhile, we are following the ongoing revolution and people marchas through the city. We have made a contact with Lithuanian community representatives in Venezuela. We are talking here about Lithuanians, who have migrated to South American continent after the World War II. We have even been invited to participate in the meeting of Venezuelan Lithuanians in two weeks. The interesting fact is that this will take place 2,5 hours from Caracas in La Colonia Tovar town, which is the colony of Germans. So, both of us will have what to do there 🙂

Uh! Ah! Chavez no se va! - that is what people in favor for Chavez are shouting during street demonstrations

Uh! Ah! Chavez no se va! - that is what people in favor for Chavez are shouting during street demonstrations

Next days we are going to travel towards Sucre province and then discover a little bit of Eastern part of Venezuela.

Greetings from revolutionary Cuba-friend – Venezuela!
Augustas and Katja