Which one is more colorful: white or black?

September 3, 2007  
Topics: Ecuador, Website

It is common to call non-white people as colored ones. At the time we visited Venezuela, in one of the shops we noticed an interesting souvenir – framed text with explanation, which makes you to think: who is actually colored – white or black man?

Here is a translation of black man’s monolog:


Dear white friend:
Here are couple of things you should know.

When I was born, I was black.
When I grew up, I was black.
When I am in the beach, I am black.
When I get cold, I am continuing to be black.
When I am sick, I am black.
Finally, when I die, I am anyway black.


When you are born, you are pink.
When you grow, you become white.
When you go to the beach, you are red.
When you get cold, you are blue.
When you are in panic, you become yellow.
When you are sick, you become green.
When you die, you become grey.

And you still have the holy wish to call me COLORED!!!

Signature: Black man.