When dreams come true…

December 20, 2006  
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Dear friends!

This year we have been travelling in a slow motion, but we have managed to cover more than 10’000 km and got a lot from the road.
Especially, we learned one thing: if you follow your dreams, they are coming true!

At the time we were starting our never-ending journey, we had lots of dreams. Augustas wants to live in as many different countries as possible. Since 2006 he can call Belize one of it. In March Katja wanted nothing more than staying somewhere and curing her back. We finally stayed 5 months for free in a holiday resort, relaxing and recovering. For many years we so much wanted to go to Cuba. In January 2007 we are going to do exactly that! We wanted to sail the Caribbean Islands, and we are starting this adventure in 3 weeks!

Besides fullfilling dreams, we have learned a lot: rich vegetarian food, natural medicine secrets, basic chinese massage and soon we will know how to sail a boat!!!


“So this is Christmas…”, the time when we can wish new things to happen. Why not to wish even more dreams to come true? In this magical moment, we wish you to create YOUR life as you want. Live it to the fullest, follow your dreams, and always be happy!

Katja & Augustas