We will search for a yacht to Caribbean islands

December 7, 2006  
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Few days ago we finally received our long-waited Canon 350D digital camera after we bought it online in USA. We hope that from now on we will be publishing more photo-stories.

Saturday morning we will head for Veracruz state in Mexico. Our aim is to celebrate Christmas in any of Caribbean islands. We want to search for a lift to the islands by a private yacht or any other kind of boat. Looking at the map, for the sailors from US, Veracruz totally out of the route. If we will not find anything there, most probably we will head for Yucatan peninsula, where we started our journey last January. From Cancun to Cuba is about 300 km, which might increase our chances to find a yacht or a private plane travelling that direction. We have no sailing experiences, but it does not hurt to try…

By the way, few weeks ago in Mexico City we saw woman selling Russian pastries:


During our long stay in Mexico we have heard Russians only once, but this kind of poster makes us think that Russian community should be huge.

One more thing – in the last few weeks we have updated our photo galleries with hundreds of new shots from our trip. You will find everything in our photo galleries.

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Wish us luck and see you soon!


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