After 6 days sailing – in Panama

March 4, 2007  
Topics: Cuba, Panama

We are in the one of the biggest world harbours – Colon in Panama. It is the entry point to the Panama Canal for the boats travelling from Atlantic side to the Pacific Ocean.

It took us 6 days to sail from Cayo Largo island in Cuba to Panama. Sailing was a little bit boring. No boats, just sea and waves. We have stayed with “Cheeca-Bey” yacht and its owners, French couple Jean-Jaques and Cathy 2 weeks. They continue their world tour through Pacific Ocean towards French Polynesian Islands. And we are already thinking of quick visit to Central American countries which we haven´t visited last year.

Around May we would like to cross to South American continent. There are no roads between Panama and Colombian, only 100 km of jungle with Colombian guerillas (kind of bandits). One of the possibilities to cross to other side – boats or planes. We will also check for the mountanous area between mentioned countries. Maybe it is possible to cross nature by a horse? We will see. Today we want to rest and start adjusting to a new country – PANAMA.

Greetings from Colon!


  1. Green Apple says:

    sailing is funstuff, i wish i could afford a fast sailing boat,-: