Escaping the smog

August 16, 2008  
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a look over Santiago

a look over Santiago

Two weeks ago we took a bus from Valparaiso to Santiago, where we stayed with Felizpe, whom we met in Horcon, Valle de Elqui. We had fun with his hard hearing grandmother (84), and enjoyed the beautiful tones of his flute sounds. Four days later we stayed again with CouchSurfing member Karina, who introduced us to famous Pocho, a hamster.
For the necessary biomagnetism treatment I found Dr. Tognarelli. It was a special experience, since he found not only inactive malaria, a bacterial infection caused by bat excrements, a stomach infection, sinusitis, bronchitis and a fungal infection (sounds all worse than it was), but also treated me with hipnosis. He found an event in my life which caused paralyzing fear, occurring in the age of 8. He deparalyzed me, and promised that it will hold significant changes for my life. Second biomagnetism treatment was scheduled after 1 week, so we went for 2 days to Paine – small village 40 km South from Santiago. On our way to Paine, our bus driver was attacked with knifes by two young fellows, who cut his right palm and stole most of the coins from his ticket box. We were surprised to see that bus continued the journey without interruption, without calling police or any other actions. Terribly passive passengers as well: “Why call police? Such robberies happens all the time”… Some of them got into shock though. In Paine occurred a big chain of destiny. We met father Pedro and sister Sol of our friend Cristobal from Copiapo (they identified us by feeling). We found out that Pedro is a good friend of our Hospitalityclub host Eliana for this night, and that the place, to which Eliana’s son Ricardo invited us for a stay, was actually Pedro’s house, where his family used to live for 7 years. We came back to Santiago by train, which right on our departure returned to work after 1 week of strike.


The second biomagnetism treatment confirmed me absolute health (besides asthmatic bronchitis caused by Santiago’s smog) and I learned a bit more about my past. The following Tuesday evening we found ourselves in front of Rodolfo’s kitchen chimney in San Felipe, a small town 90km North of Santiago. We enjoy the surroundings a lot, breath deep the fresh countryside air, and look forward to the end of the rain, which most likely means our trip to Mendoza, Argentina.


  1. Ariana Coleman says:

    sinusitis gives me headaches and stuffiness that i hate so much’;.