2.5 cents coin

March 17, 2007  
Topics: Panama

We are in Boquete – popular place among the travellers and retired Americans. If we will find where to leave backpacks, we will try to climb the 3500m inactive volcano. Takes 6 hours to go up, so we would probably stay overnight at the top.

Last night we slept in Gualaca village, behind the petrol station. In the hot morning we decided to have a fresh shower. There was a pipe with running water, which is more than we wanted after 2 hot days without a shower.

we needed a shower, thus...


thus we took one right behind the petrol station
1,25 and 2,5 cent coins of Balboa (currency of Panama)

1,25 and 2,5 cent coins of Balboa (currency of Panama)

Couple days ago we stayed 2 nights in Pedasi village, in Azuero peninsula. We put a tent near one shop, which is owned by Silca, who gave us the last lift that day. She showed us coins of balboa (Panama money) from 1940: 2.5 cents (dos y medio centesimos), and 1.25 cents (uno y quarto). See picture below. Very interesting denomination, isn’t it? 🙂

Greetings from mountainous Boquete!
Augustas & Katja