“Half portion” in Panama City

March 5, 2007  
Topics: Panama

Today we arrived to Panama City. This place looks more clean and organized than the harbour-city Colon. We were hungry, so decided to get quick lunch in Chinese Restaurant. They had Chow Mein with vegetables on menu. 1/2 portion costed 1.75$ and full portion 3$. We know that Chinese portions are always huge, so we ordered 1.5 portion. What we got looked more like 3 portions! 🙂

Čow Mein

In Panama circulates US dollar. Balboa – the local currency disappeared several years ago. Well, you can still find balboa cent coins which have the same nominals as US cents and also they have the same size and shape 🙂

Internet price here – 0.50$/hour. Paradise after 6$/h Cuba charges. We will stay few days with www.HospitalityClub.org member and then might move on towards Costa Rica. We will see 🙂

Greetings from Panama!