We are in Palenque at the moment

February 11, 2006  
Topics: Mexico

Two days ago we arrived to a very touristic place – Palenque. It is known for its Mayan ruins. Usually we try to avoid such places, but this time we got free accommodation in the center that provides medical service for the poor people from the church communities around Palenque.

We are very sorry, that we are not very much up to date with our travel stories in English, but sometimes we are travelling 4-5 days without possibility to write the diary. Be patient and we promise to write more details about each day.

One week ago for 2 nights we have stayed with the people living by the last century traditions. Clothes look like from the XVIII-XIX century. Those people do not have cars, nor TV, but some communities do accept refrigerators, and even microwave. They speak old German language. Their name in English is MENNONITES, and their communities are spread in Canada, USA and Mexico. More about our stay with them we hope to write very soon.

Do not forget, that during the trip we are realizing the “Connecting the World” idea, where we connect people with small gifts. We already have 8 connections in our chain! You can always read more about each of these people in this page:


And remember, we are always waiting for the news from you, whatever it might be!

Thank you for travelling with us!

Augustas & Katja