Our new project

June 13, 2006  
Topics: Belize, Website

We are still in Copper Bank. Nothing has much changed until now. My muscles are becoming stronger, and the pain bit by bit less. The situation thus is improving, though slowly. Augustas is still painting all the huts and windows here in The Last Resort.

We apologize that we still did not write the stories about our stay here in Belize. The reason is that during the last two months we were working on a new project. We came up with the idea to create a website, which allows to post information about past, ongoing, and future trips. This was because we love to meet other travellers while being on the road, or to hear about their adventures. This website was finally set up, and we launched it just a couple of days ago. Now, we would like to invite all people travelling to have a look. We invite you to list your trip whenever you want, and enjoy the possibility of contacting, meeting, and learning from other travellers. The address is: http://www.AllBigTrips.com. As we are at the beginning of our project, we would appreciate your help in spreading the word about AllBigTrips.com. How you can do that, you can find on the page itself 😉