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March 1, 2006  
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Hello friends,

Sorry for such a long silence. We are still in Mexico. For the last 10 days we have been staying in the town called Playa del Carmen, which is 60km south from Cancun, where we have landed in the middle of January and started our journey.

Two weeks ago we have been staying in Chiapas state, which is very close to Central Mexico. One day we’ve got to know that Augustas’ aunt and cousin will be on a short holidays in Playa del Carmen. We decided to travel about 800 km from Chiapas in order to meet Augustas’ relatives and give them a small package with the things we do not need anymore. After one month of travelling we decided to send to Lithuania few clothes, two books, other small things and also the collection of small presents we have been given by people we have met.

We have been staying in Playa del Carmen for a while, because Katja has got some back muscle problem, caused by absence of the physical rest in the last 3-4 years. Her muscles are stiff, cramped, which causes pain. Katja needs to relax and heal her back. This is exactly what we are still doing in Playa del Carmen.

Next Monday we might leave this place. We still do not know which direction, but we’ll let you know as soon as possible.

In the last days we have been busy updating our webpage. In English version you will find two new stories written by Katja.

Moreover, finally WE HAVE PHOTOS! We know, many people were waiting for them… We were keen to develop our films as well. You will find all the pictures on this page:

Additionally, we have uploaded pictures of people and gifts for all the nine connections of our “Connect the World” project. You are welcome to explore them here:

Best wishes from the Caribbean Sea,
Augustas and Katja