We are again in Mexico!

October 12, 2006  
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Hello friends,

We are in Mexico! 🙂 Yes, yes we made it through the border, even we were illegals in Guatemala for 6 months.

We are in San Cristobal de las Casas, Chiapas, visiting HospitlityClub.org members. Among them – Kjell – brother of the founder of Hospitality Club founder Veit. We met Kjell 2 years ago in Lithuania, and it was nice to meet him again.

Oh, the border crossing. Nothing exciting. We had many different action plans prepared, but none of them we had to use. We were lucky, as Guatemalan Custom building was located on the side of busy street, next to other shops and restaurants (Malacatan-Tapachula border). So, we simply ignored that building and passed it. Luckily, nobody wanted to chase us… In another 200 meters we approached Mexican authorities. Here we filled needed documents, got stamps, and none of them were interested if we had any stamps from Guatemala 🙂 By the way, we did not know that earlier, but it seems if you come into Mexico by land, you have to pay 21 USD fee. We got the check which we have to pay before leaving the country. But we have already heard about the trick how it is possible to avoid paying this amount.

On Sunday or Monday we will head for Mexico City. We are still in process of searching accommodation there. We have to be there next weekend where we will meet Katja’s friend.

By the way we would like to offer you to download the top hit of Central America, which we heard since January in every corner. Here is the link.

One more interesting thing. Our good friend Dainius Kinderis from Lithuania, on 15 of October starts his expedition through Africa. He aims to visit 4 corners of African continent. More about his trip you will find in www.africa4corners.com.

Warm greetings from 500 old San Cristobal de las Casas!

Katja & Augustas


  1. alfredo hoyos says:

    did you visit Cuernavaca,_ how is katia back, saludos