We are hitting the road again!

August 9, 2006  
Topics: Belize

We have to admit that it was a long time since there were any news from our trip 😉 Finally WE ARE HAPPY to announce that we are continuing our trip coming Saturday! For the last 5 months we have been living an ordinary daily live in The Last Resort in Copper Bank village. Would you like to hear the truth about this place? You can read in this article “The truth about Copper Bank”. After weekly Chinese massages Katja got strengths, but we still have to be careful and will be travelling very slowly. Our friend John (worker at the resort) helped to re-adjust our carriage bought in Mexico, which will make it easier for Katja to carry the backpack. The new construction of the carriage you can see in our new pictures from Belize. The gallery also contains loads of other pictures from our stay in Copper Bank.

Our host for 5 months - Joe

Our host for 5 months - Joe

We are grateful for Joe’s – the owner of the resort – kindness, who let us stay in his place for 5 months. During this period we have made a couple of friends, observed dozens of birds and other animals, had experience taking care about the house of american-canadian couple during Easter, as well as had an opportunity to drive a truck for the first time and be responsible for buying 1 tone of cement in Corozal town.

About two weeks ago Zuki – a member of free accommodation database HospitalityClub.org, which we know through Katja’s friends in Spain – came to visit us in The Last Resort. Zuki was travelling for 2 months by hitch-hiking through Mexico and today she even got a job here, in the resort in Copper Bank 😉

We are leaving, but we are planning to see everybody again after The Last Resort will be fully reconstructed (Joe bought this place in the end of last year) and will have the Grand Opening in November.

As always, we have no plans for our trip, but first we will head for Blue Creek region in South-West of Belize, which is populated by mennonites. After that we might go the southern villages of this country to meet some Garifuna (descendants of Carribean and African mix) people

We hope you will join us to our celebrity mood by browsing loads of new pictures in our updated picture gallery.

Sunny greetings from unbelizable Belize!
Katja & Augustas