Where did we disappear? ;)

May 16, 2006  
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Well, we are still here, in Belize. We stay in the resort called “The Last Resort”, which is located in a small Copper Bank fishermen village in the North of Belize.

The owner of this resort – Joe from Canada (also the owner of a construction company in his country) – bought this place last autumn. Since then intensive renovations of different buildings, surroundings are going on. Moreover, he is building a man-made beach. The place is near the water, originally with a grass on the shore. He is just waiting for the last loads of soft and smooth sand from the sea-side of the country. Once the beach is ready – there will be a Grand re-Opening of this place.

Copper Bank – it is a totally small village with 500
inhabitants. There are several shops, but for more serious shoping one needs to travel to Corozal town. It is about 10 miles away, but bumpy gravel road and the manual ferry (one has to use it for crossing the river) makes the trip long.

It became a tradition for us to go to Corozal on Thursdays. Early in the morning we take the bus (not many bus-routes are in this village…) or Joe lends a car and around 8am we are in the trown. First, Katja gets weekly 1.5-2 hours treatment at Chinese masseur (the one which gives massages) Helena. Later on we do shopping of fruits and vegetables in the local market and get other things in grocery stores ran by Chinese mainly. Finally, in the afternoon we hitch-hike back to Copper Bank.

view of our cabana (hut)

view of our cabana (hut)

We will stay here for a while. Will be moving further as soon as Katja gets more strengths. We are happy that we found the Chinese natural healer. It would be difficult another one in other places, if we would decide to continue travelling now.

From the very first day, Joe offered us to stay in one of the small house (cabańa) in the resort. We have no water or toilet inside, but we find everything outside. Our toilet is a special one – in the middle of bamboo trees gets scary sounds around at night 🙂

enjoyable following nature's call in the bush toilet, but by night an eerie place

enjoyable following nature's call in the bush toilet, but by night an eerie place

We stay here free of charge. In exchange we do some work for Joe: painting windows and walls at the moment. Previously we have created “The Last Resort” webpage (not public yet) and made few signs to be placed on the road, in order to give directions to the place for visitors from Corozal. And there is much more work to do here…

That’s it for today. Hopefully we will write more and share some pictures with you in the near future.

Hot greetings from Belize!
Augustas &