Our first job!

March 15, 2006  
Topics: Belize

Hi, it is us again after a long time of silence. Here are some short news ;D

We are in Copper Bank, Belize, for already a week. We are staying in The Last Resort, a holiday resort with a few little houses and camping facilities. It is near Corozal, a village in the North of Belize. It seems like a little paradise situated directly on the Bay of Chetumal. Swimming is not possible here as the water is too muddy. But the atmosphere in this forgotten place, right in a fishermen’s village, is calm and relaxed.

We can stay here due to the kindness of Joe, the owner of The Last Resort. As we were searching for a place where Katja could rest (she has crampy muscles in her back and arms), we got accomodation in exchange of work. Our first job! ;D

Augustas is enjoying the physical work. And Katja is looking forward to paint some informational signs.

Every morning we get up at 6 a.m., walk half an hour to warm up, do excercises, and Katja meditates in the morning sun. Wayne, a friend of Joe, offered teaching us about reflexation (massaging feet, hands and back in order to stimulate reflex zones). We believe that all those activities will improve Katja’s health.

We will stay in this resort for at least 3 more weeks. Further details about our stay here and the previous days – or weeks – we will share with you in the nearest future.

Sunny greetings,

Katja & Augustas