Flag Hurrah! Moving on

August 3, 2009  
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HURRAH! We have got a flag!

Follow The Road vėliava

Follow The Road flag

From now on, if you will see us on the road holding this wavery – do not be indifferent, stop for us. Even you travel opposite direction, stop by, let’s share few words. We live on the road, so it is a good place to meet people.

Last week, from Sunday till Sunday, with a borrowed car we travelled 1800 km around Lithuania. Jesus, how fast we have gone through everything. With our speed we would need a month or two for such a journey… Pictures we will sort and publish later.

Tomorrow morning (Tuesday) we start hitch-hiking directly to Dresden in East Germany. To be more precise – nearby Dresden. We will visit our friends,  a family of Colombian Liliana and German Tobias. After staying with them for a few days we will head for Ukraine, where European Rainbow Gathering takes place. It will be very symbolic visit, because 6 years ago in European Rainbow in France started Katja+Augustas (few photos from 2003)

We will be back in Lithuania in about 3 weeks. September 18 in Gera (Germany) Katja will give presentation at the city library. Will you be nearby? Come and see us!


  1. Angie says:

    Hey guys!
    I hope to see the flag live some day! I will be in Dresden September 12 to 17 or so… any chance of meeting somewhere?