The President

Connection #3

The President

3. The President

Mexico, Dzitas, about 45 years old
Gift received: January 19, 2006

He is a relative of Carlos and the head of the municipality. The inhabitants of Dzitas see him as a very good and wise man. Moreover, he is a man of action as we could see during the days of the Santa Ines festival. Though he was present during the whole night, showing how good his horse can dance and being active in the Corrida (when the cow is caught with lasso) in the morning you could find him working in the municipality.

Gift: 2 photos of Yucatan traditions
2 photos of Yucatan traditions

2 photos of Yucatan traditions

Gift given: January 21, 2006

Showing how the Yucatan culture is celebrating their traditional festivals of honouring the virgin Santa Ines and the day of the death.

How we met The President

Carlos, whom we wanted to be the next connection. refused our present because he felt that not him, but the president (mayor) of Dzitas municipality should be the next connection. Thus we went to search for him and found him prepared for the soon starting feast, looking like a cowboy and sitting on top of a horse. When we arrived Carlos urged us to tell the president our idea of "Connect the World" and give him the gift we received from Rosario. Being near the festival place, we were surrounded by loud music and a lot of electronic noise from the amusement parque. Thus the explanation of our "Connect the World" idea in my broken Spanish was a little disaster. I was happy Carlos helped out, because the president first thought that we want him to support Rosario building up their lagoon again. Soon, the president understood the idea, but seemed not so concerned about our idea. This was because he was concentrating for the horse riding during the soon starting festival. We thanked him and hoped he will remember our idea between all those festivities.

The second day we met Carlos again and asked him when and where we can find the president to ask if he wants to continue our "Connect the World" idea. Carlos then spoke with another man who was also working in the Municipality. He introduced us and explained our idea. This person promised that when we come in the morning, we will receive a gift. And so it was. The president gave us two photos where in one was shown him and a woman in a traditional Yucatan dress, and the other showed a festival place in Merida where all mayors of the region are meeting once a year in Merida to celebrate "La dia de las muertes" (the day of the death).


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