Connection #24


24. James

Australia, met in Isla Mujeres (Mexico), 35 years old, religion: n/a
Gift received: January 10, 2007

James is an interesting and funny person. He has a great sense for what is good and what is bad, and tries to help others whenever he can. Discipline is one of the main principles in his life. James is an adventurous traveller and a great sailor. With his huge catamaran James works offering day-sailing-tours for tourists in different places of the world. That is one of his main ways to earn his living.

Gift: Singlet (shirt without arms)
Singlet (shirt without arms)

Singlet (shirt without arms)

Gift given: January 13, 2007

J. gave in his letter following advices:
1. Live life like there is no tomorrow because there may not be.
2. Enjoy life but never at the expense of others.

How we met James

We met James in Isla Mujeres, in the marina Villa Vera, where both, his and ours, boats were docked. Within the days we got to know each other better, learning many things about sailing and navigation from James, as well as proper backpain treatment. By him we were taught excercises for streching and strengthening back muscles.