Connection #31


31. Luis

Costa Rica, San Rafael Abajo, 48 years old, religion: none
Gift received: April 14, 2007

Luis is - as he says himself - an unusual Costa Rican. He loves to meet strangers, gives a helping hand to poor, and simply accepts people the way they are. Since he was 18 years old he is working in environmental and development projects. Luis has travelled all over Central America and Mexico for his work. He also did go to the US, to South America, and to Europe.

All his life he was living every day as it was his last, helping rather other people to make them and himself happy, instead of thinking in money issues. Now, since he is growing older, he wants to start a little money-generating project. Luis dreams of farm land, on which he could build a couple of huts to rent for tourists.

Counting his dogs in the garden and seeing him crowing organic food himself as well as making earth from biological waste, Luis is a true nature and animal lover.

Gift: 6 little human figures and a red scarf
6 little human figures and a red scarf

6 little human figures and a red scarf

Gift given: April 17, 2007

Everything unites at a universal level. There are no coincidences. The biological and magical streams accompany us always, and within a moment we begin to understand what this cosmic and universal interrelation means. The Quantum scientists are wondering about the capability of minds to affect matter; though this knew already centruries ago the indigenoeus Shamans.

That is why I firmly believe in the necesity of creating a sense of universal neighbourhood, which includes all of us humans, all species of our planet, and all universal streams.

These 6 little figures are from Guatemala, and in its traditional sense they act like little, magical helpers. Before going to sleep one should tell them his worries, and then put them below the pillow. The tradition says that they help you to make your worries disappear.

How we met Luis

Luis gave us a lift from Palma del Norte directly until San Rafael Abajo, a town near San Jose, where he invited us to stay with him as long as we needed. We stayed in total two weeks, during which Luis made us feel like home.