Connection #9


9. Donovan

United States, lives in Playa del Carmen (Mexico), 58 years old
Gift received: February 18, 2006

Donovan is a man who knows how to enjoy life. He is happy because he has got the most wonderful gift a human being can get - LIFE! He is concious about the opportunities the life gives us. It is important to live as you want and not to take actions based on others peoples opinions what 'should' be done. He is following his dreams now as he has learned that only he, himself, is responsible for a happy life.

Donovan used to live in his homeland, the United States of America. Three years ago he moved to Mexico. He likes this country for its culture, people and general atmosphere. Donovan used to work as an auctioneer, but now he is dealing with real estate in Mexico.

Gift: Crystal necklace
Crystal necklace

Crystal necklace

Gift given: February 18, 2006

Donovan got this necklace during a festival of cultures, which took place in Playa del Carmen. The idea of this festival was to connect different cultures all around the world. There were cultural groups from Africa, Asia, Latin America ... and looking at our project this necklace typifys the "Connecting the World" idea.

Remembering the festival of cultures, him, us and the future receiver of the gift, Donovan asked us to complete the connection by wearing the necklace occacionally until we transfer it.

How we met Donovan

"Sounds like fun! I am happy to participate in this game!" This was Donovan's feedback on the "Connecting the World" idea. Though we would not call it a game, we were happy to see his positive reaction towards our idea. He was grateful to be in and he loved the message given by Guadalupe and Jorge. Donovan said that Guadalupe seems to be aware of the essential things we have got in life.

Moreover, he made a suggestion for this project: to provide together with the gift a contact information of the previous connection. That would assure that all connected people will have the opportunity to meet each other and to complete the connection in form of building up true friendships among themselves.