Connection #29


29. Tatiana

Costa Rica, Boquete town, 28 years old, religion: none
Gift received: March 20, 2007

Tatiana is from Costa Rica, her mother from Colombia, and lives in Panama. She is very busy during the day, working for a real estate company, and helping with the opening of a new hostel in Boquete. She likes doing handicraft, especially bracelets. Before working as a real estate agent, Tatiana sold her self-made handicraft.

Gift: Soap and bracelet
Soap and bracelet

Soap and bracelet

Gift given: March 21, 2007

We are all just human beings, forming part of one equal entirety. I hope one day everybody will realize this. The soap originating from my home country Costa Rica stands for the cleaning of body and soul, serving in this matter for the improvement of understanding the human unity. We need to share our love and life, and with the bracelet I made for you, I contribute to the idea of a common world.

How we met Tatiana

While we were staying in Boquete, we contacted Tatiana over the www.HospitalityClub.org, asking for the favor to leave our backpacks in her house during the day. Tatiana was very helpful and we spent the last evening together with her family, eating delicious vegetarian dishes.