Carmen and Julio Gonzalez

Connection #51

Carmen and Julio Gonzalez

51. Carmen and Julio Gonzalez

Chile, La Serena, 24 and 25 years old, religion: catholic
Gift received: July 15, 2008

Julio is a Navy Ofifcer, and though he was very content with his work, he felt the urge to leave his home in order to learn about other cultures. Thus he embarked on a journey through Europe during a period of 6 months, a journey of a true vagabond: by hitch-hiking and sleeping on streets or staying with locals. His equipment was simple, his budget low, but he made his dream possible by simply getting on the road and letting everything else happen by its own. Only 4 days after he came back from his marvellous journey, he started a 3-year studies in the Chilean Navy for becoming an electrical engineer. It was amazing to see him with one leg still in Europe, while with the other he was already back in the Chilean Navy.

Patricia is a funny, gentle, loving person, and Julio's one year younger sister. She is studying Sales Engineering in Santiago de Chile, currently in her last year. Her addiction to travel led her so far to Europe, the USA, and other Latin American countries. She started to travel at the age of 16, to follow her need to discover other cultures around this globe.

Gift: Hungarian flag sticker
Hungarian flag sticker

Hungarian flag sticker

Gift given: July 28, 2008

The hungarian flag sticker was very precious to Julio, since this was the country he loved most in Europe, and because the origins of the family trace back to Hungary. The sticker is a symbol of hospitality, which Julio and Patricia experienced on their trips around Europe and other parts of this world, and heartily give back in their own house. They love to receive strangers and truly live the meaning of this gift: "The wish to receive someone is the only thing that is important for being able to share a great experience."

How we met Carmen and Julio Gonzalez

With relatively short notice we contacted Julio over Although he was still traveling in Europe, he invited us to stay with his marvellous family. When we finally arrived, he had just come back the previous day from a 6-month hitch-hiking journey through Europe. We were hosted and cared for during in their house for more than two weeks, in which we did not get to know only Julio, but also his three younger sisters and his fantastic parents.