Pilar del Carmen Cabudivo Icomena

Connection #41

Pilar del Carmen Cabudivo Icomena

41. Pilar del Carmen Cabudivo Icomena

Peru, Iquitos, 29 years old, religion: catholic
Gift received: February 26, 2008

Pilar has a sweet, energetic personality, and finds herself the most happy when she can walk around all day long. She is from a small village in Rio Ucayali, about 3 hours south from Iquitos and is one of 9 sisters and brothers. Pilar lived for many years in the coastal regions of Peru to become a technical nurse. After her studies she finally came back to Iquitos, working in Iquitos hospital as a nurse. After three months she quit her job due to not receiving any salary. In July 2008 she expects her first child together with her boyfriend Keith from the US. One year ahead, approx. in mid 2009, Pilar wants to move with Keith and their child to Panama.

Gift: Self-made Necklace
Self-made Necklace

Self-made Necklace

Gift given: March 17, 2008

Thinking in greatness makes us unhappy. Each day we search joy in it without taking in account that life is simply a gift of God. We should feel happy about being given a chance to live. We should share all good with our families, and should not forget these moments no matter if we shared happy or sad times. Happiness is in ourselves, thus do not waste time anymore searching it elsewhere.

How we met Pilar del Carmen Cabudivo Icomena

Pilar is a friend of Egle, a Lithuanian girl who was doing a research project about Shamanism in Peru. When approaching Iquitos she suggested us to contact Pilar, with whom we finally stayed a months.