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Connection #1


1. Manca

Slovenia, Lublijana, 26 years old
Gift received: January 12, 2006

It was in 1999 when Augustas was travelling in Slovenia and met Manca in Ljublijana. She used to organize hiking trips to the highest mountain of Slovenia - Triglav. At the moment she works in Brussels and dreams about adventurious travelling.

Gift: "Slovenia invigorates" neckcloth
"Slovenia invigorates" neckcloth

"Slovenia invigorates" neckcloth

Gift given: January 12, 2006

The neckcloth had the word "Slovenia invigorates" in the middle which means that Slovenia strengthens you, refreshes you,
enlivens you, reanimates you, revives you, refreshes you and freshens you. This being written in many different kind of colours stands thus for the huge variety of Slovenian culture and nature.

How we met Manca

When Manca was reading on the Internet about our "Connecting the World" idea she wanted to contribute with her own gift. Thus, we did not start with our own gift as we planned to, but asked her for agreeing on being the first connection. In the end, without wanting it, the "Connecting the World" idea started by itself and we are wondering where it will lead to ;)